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Gaby Castro
Gaby Castro lumine

Stream my debut single “lumine”

available on all major music platforms!

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The most beautiful thing about music is the way that it connects us back to an experience, a feeling, a special moment in time, and our humanity.

Through an instrumental focused sound, this is the experience I offer to everyone who listens and experiences what I create. Infused with organic instrumentation, electronic music, and hip-hop inspired beatmaking, it is one that both defies the tradition of genres and mutually connects us all back to an intimate, sensual part of ourselves.

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“Gaby has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and I am both proud and impressed with the musician and person she has become today.”

– Burt Hara, Associate Principal Clarinet, Los Angeles Philharmonic




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“[Gaby’s single] reminds me of Bonobo, especially his more recent work, especially because he tends to incorporate woodwinds in lieu of vocals. Wind instruments sound incredibly fresh in today’s music landscape, especially woodwinds, and especially as a lead voice. The harmonized clarinet melodies are performed very well on this song, which is essential given the smooth electronic production. The lead clarinet near the end is classic Gaby, and it ends the song on a high. It’s a cool first song, and I hope she continues down this path.”

– Brian Manolovitz, Brian’s Music Reviews

Gaby Castro Clarinetist

Hey, it’s me, Gaby.

Despite being a classically trained pianist and clarinetist, I grew up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping my eclectic, signature sound. My mission as a musician is to show others that the type of music you can make is not limited to the instruments you play. Infusing my classical music training and love for modern genres of music into a blend of electronic and organic sounds, I offer listeners a unique perspective unheard of in any genre of music.

Gaby Castro

Musicians Prime

Did you know that my claim to fame as a professional musician came from creating music videos? Learning how to create visually stunning music videos that matched my musicianship gave me visibility as an artist, international artist endorsements, and the opportunity to perform across the country on trips that were all expenses paid.

If you’d like to be able to create music videos that give you visibility as a musician and get your artistry recognized by an audience worldwide, click the link below to join me on Musicians Prime to learn how.

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