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Gaby Castro

Hey friend! So good to see you here.

Gaby Castro Clarinet

It makes me feel sooooo good that you really get who I’m about as a musician. I have the MOST fun collaborating with people that appreciate my unique style and are open to creating an experience that sounds equally cool as it is one-of-a-kind.
So if you’d like to take things further in our relationship – whether it be collaborating on a track, booking me for a performance, having me as a guest on your podcast, or something else related – send me a line, baby!
Fill out this contact form below or send me an email to Some weeks are busier than others – it happens when you record, perform, and create as much as I do 😉 – but I will respond within 72 hours!

Gaby Castro Moon Icon

Looking forward to hearing from you. 💋


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