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Want to enjoy hearing me play live concerts every month from the comfort of your computer or phone?

You can when you support me on Patreon!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Patreon is, Patreon is a platform that allows you to make a direct, recurring payment to folks whose work you love, and as a result, you become their patron! You get charged monthly or annually – whatever is your preference – and you can cancel at any time.


People who choose to support me on Patreon do so because they love my music, my music videos, and all of the creative content I work to put out on a regular basis, and they want that work to be financially sustainable for me.

Gaby Castro Clarinetist

When you choose to support me on Patreon, you become more than someone who financially supports my art. You become my VIP! As my VIP, I make sure that you get treated as the very, important patron that you are because I am SO grateful for your support and I don’t take that for granted! My VIPs get access to every sparkle of magic I make and get all the inside juice on what’s I’m creating next.

Gaby Castro Moon Icons

Because I want to make sure all my VIPs have access to everything, I offer you everything I have at one tier that gets you access to my Patreon exclusive content for $15/month. Consider this your ticket to see me create and perform each month!

When you become my VIP on Patreon, THIS is what you get access to:

Monthly Livestreamed Concerts
Monthly Livestreamed Soundbaths
Listening Parties for New Music Releases
Digital Downloads of Music
A Patron Curated Spotify Playlist
Early Access to Music Video Releases
Behind the Scenes to all major creative projects
… and potentially more!

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The more financial support I receive for it, the more I can create for it on a regular basis!

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“Gaby’s innovation and artistry is a total inspiration. She is a joy to work with and a breath of musical fresh air.”

– Margaret Worsley, Principal Clarinet, San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra

Gaby Castro Clarinetist

Meet the musician behind the magic.

Hey there, I’m Gaby! I’m an experimental, genre-bending, instrumental-focused music producer, beatmaker, and performer. The music I create is born from a fusion of my classical music training on clarinet and piano and my love for electronic, hiphop, and instrumental music.
Including clarinet into my music doesn’t make me a band nerd, though. My unique musical perspective on sound and instrumentation allows me to create sounds that transcend genre while still sounding hip and cool. It’s my mission as a musician to show people that the instruments you use to make the music matters less than created connected experiences through music.

Here’s what others have asked!

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What if I can’t join the performances when they happen live?
If you can’t join in on the day that my performances go live, that’s okay! Everyone who is subscribed to the Patreon will be able to watch the video of the livestream directly once it is over, and as long as you continue to be subscribed to the Patreon, you’ll always have access to it!
Is there a time limit to how long I have access to the content you share? How much content do I have access to?
As long as you remain subscribed to the Patreon, you will have access to ALL the content I share on the Patreon. If you ever decide to cancel your subscription, you’ll be allowed to keep any downloadables that I’ve offered within the Patreon that you had access to during the time you were subscribed to it.
I have more questions, how can I get in touch?
Click here to submit an inquiry directly from my website or send an email to

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